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Appointment Process

In our clinic;
Medical aesthetic procedures and treatment services are provided together. Consultations and information sessions can be conducted in person or online. Please inform our assistants accordingly when requesting an appointment.

For Medical Aesthetic Procedures;
When scheduling an appointment, we expect you to briefly explain the topic you want to discuss. During your appointment time, filling out a small form will be sufficient for your requests and topics you wish to discuss. Detailed information regarding procedures, materials, and prices will be provided to you during the consultation. You can then proceed with your treatments on the same day or on a future date (if you have created your appointment request accordingly).

For Treatment Procedures;
a) If you have a new and rapidly developing illness or symptom (infections, wounds, burns, rashes, sudden pain, muscle stiffness, trauma, or emotional concerns such as fear, panic, anxiety, etc.), you can quickly arrange an appointment by summarizing the situation briefly.

b) If your illness or undiagnosed symptoms have been ongoing for a long time; if you are using a large number of medications, or if you have been undergoing various treatments without improvement for some time; we send you a form via email to provide more beneficial assistance. Please fill out this form in detail, describing your illness, symptoms, medications used, as well as your physical and mental condition.

c) If you want to make an appointment for the METABOLIC BALANCE program, which involves a special diet plan, please specify this in detail. If you are sufficiently informed about the subject and are applying for the program, you can come to your first appointment after fasting for 12 hours for blood sampling. Your laboratory procedures can be initiated by taking blood samples at our clinic if desired.

As part of Covid-19 precautions; general information and non-emergency consultations can be conducted via Zoom or through video calls via WhatsApp. After the consultation, the methods to be followed, your prescription, and recommendations will be sent to you via email.}

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