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What Is Mesolifting ?

It is a method of directly replacing the substances needed by the skin that cannot be fed with subcutaneous blood circulation. These substances are cell regenerators, active substances involved in DNA synthesis, combined vitamins, circulators, protein and minerals. With Mesolifting, it is aimed to remove the signs of aging (wrinkles, lifelessness, blemishes) on the skin. Cell regeneration and collagen synthesis are stimulated and the result of treatment results in a vibrant, radiant, wrinkle-free skin. It is included in the customized treatment protocol with mesolifting, phototherapy, botox, filling and chemical peeling applications.

Benefits of Mesolifting

To revive the skin,
To reduce skin sagging,
Tightening the skin,
To reduce wrinkles,
Reduce skin blemishes,
To delay the aging of the skin,
To increase the resistance of the skin against the negative effects of environmental conditions.

Method of Application

A special mixture consisting of necessary ingredients is given under the skin with very thin needles, according to the needs of the person.

Frequency of Application

3-4 sessions are applied at 10-15 day intervals.
It is repeated once a month according to the need.

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