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Skin Rejuvenation With Spider Web Treatment

The most important benefit of this method, which is known as rejuvenation with surgical threads, lift needle  increases the resistance of our skin against gravity for later years. The PDO threads, which are placed under the skin and gets dissolved by hydrolysis within 3-6 months, form a tube of young collagen around itself, and this tube contracts over time even if the thread disappears.

PDO threads, which are placed parallel to each other or with a cage technique, hold the subcutaneous connective tissue together like the columns and beams of a building. Its effect lasts 2 years

An effective method for especially areas that causes aesthetic problems when an surgical procedure done like inner leg and arms sagging, and for prevention of double cheek appearance on under eye area due to sagging.

Spider web treatment applied to sagging skin areas increases the production of new collagen on the skin. It also contributes to the blood supply and nutrition of the skin by triggering microcirculation. Most importantly, it increases the regeneration rate of the skin by supporting the repair mechanisms in the middle skin layer. Most people are curious about whether these threads can be felt under the skin. It is not possible to feel by touching as these surgical threads are made of polydioxanone (PDO).

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