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Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance

4 phases nutrition concept

After the personal consultation and the creation of the 36 laboratory parameters, your individual nutritional plan is drawn up. The Metabolic Balance program is divided into 4 phases, which build on and complement each other. The sum of all its parts makes up the whole success.

Phase 1: Cleaning

The first phase lasts two days. Your organism is now attuned to the new diet. In this cleaning phase, only light foods such as vegetables, fruit, rice or potatoes are eaten. The additional colon cleansing supports the detoxification process. When the stomach and intestines are empty, the body switches to food that comes from the inside of the fat reserves (keto metabolism). In addition, there are no feelings of hunger. Already in phase 1, care should be taken to ensure adequate hydration in the form of plenty of water.

Phase 2: Detox

The body needs time to detoxify and to change the metabolism so that it can regain its healthy balance. Therefore, the second phase should last at least 14 days. We also call this “changeover phase” DETOX. Your diet includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. The basic minerals bind acids and can thus remove them.

A healthy diet, with the foods that are beneficial to you, supports detoxification almost on its own. It is important, however, that you comply with the metabolic balance rules as much as possible in this "strict" 2nd phase. A little bit of discipline is worthwhile and you will certainly enjoy it if you start to feel better in the first few days.

If you want, you can stay in the DETOX phase longer, the better for the whole metabolism.

Phase 3: Reach Your Goal

Now it's getting looser. Because nobody can achieve a goal through constant renunciation. Therefore in phase 3 you can try foods that are not on your list. In this way you can test which foods you can consume again without old complaints such as Feeling bloated, heartburn, itching or headache. The highlight of phase 3 is of course the so-called "gourmet days". On these days you can forget all of the metabolic balance rules and just eat what you feel like.

Phase 4: Live Your Life

You did it. Your metabolism has changed, and weight regulation is definitely not just visible on the scales. You feel good, sleep relaxed and your vital appearance gives you new self-confidence. Stay tuned now! In the past few weeks you have learned which diet is best for you. Integrate this knowledge into your future way of life. Continue to choose foods deliberately, avoid a diet that is not conducive to you or even causes discomfort. That's what life feels like. And if you should get your metabolism in trouble again: you have a plan.

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